Study on third country national victims of trafficking in human beings: detection, identification and protection

Trafficking in human beings is a crime against the victim’s fundamental rights. It can take several forms, such as sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery and servitude-related practices, as well as the removal of organs. This practice is prohibited under numerous EU and international instruments. Yet, persistent demand for sexual services and for low-wage…

Study on integration of migrant women

The study provides an overview of how migrant women are targeted in integration policies across EU Member States. It offers examples of integration measures tailored to facilitate integration of migrant women in different areas including civic integration, labour market, education and language learning, accommodation, and health.   The study can be found here:

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Study on integration of migrant women

To what extent do Member States consider the distinct situation of migrant women in their integration policies and measures? This study focuses on the main areas covered by the EU Action plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027 that support the integration of migrant women for example in education and training, employment and skills, health and…