Inform on bilateral readmission agreements

This inform provides an overview of legally binding bilateral readmission agreements between the EU Member States + Norway and third countries. The inform examines how they work, whether they are effective, and how they are monitored and evaluated.   The inform can be found here.

Study on integration of migrant women

The study provides an overview of how migrant women are targeted in integration policies across EU Member States. It offers examples of integration measures tailored to facilitate integration of migrant women in different areas including civic integration, labour market, education and language learning, accommodation, and health.   The study can be found here:

EMN Sweden national conference

Representatives of the EMN National Contact Point Slovenia Leja Jevšnik and Luka Žigante attended the EMN National Conference in Sweden on the Nordic countries and the Ukrainian refugee situation. The first part of the conference was devoted to the actual figures on the number of displaced persons received from Ukraine and the measures taken to…

117 NCP meeting

The national coordinator of EMN Slovenia, Sabina Hrovatin, attended the 117th meeting of the national contact points, which took place on 14. 12. 2021. The main points of the agenda were directed at: – Financing of the EMN National Contact Points for the period 1. 1. 2021 – 31. 12. 2022, where the financing agreements…

EMN Spain National Conference

Sabina Hrovation, EMN National coordinator attended the Spain national conference entitled The recognition of skill in the migration process. Jesús Javier Perea, State Secretary for Migration said in his speech: » Skills are a primary factor in migration, socioeconomic development, and a key element in generating positive impacts in the country of origin and destination…